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The prehistory server takes place back when Arelith was a lot more wild and untamed, a few decades before the story of the main server began. There are pockets of civilisation, but most of the island is still wilderness.

Adventuring on the island it can sometimes feel that you are the first visitor ever to pass that way... but in truth Arelith has a long history, and the prehistory server holds many secret tidbits of lore that can be uncovered by intrepid explorers.

Setting summary

There are three starting settlements in the prehistorical Arelith.

  • Fort Cordor is a small outpost on the southern end of the isle. Founded by the Cordor family as a base for shipping back plundered riches, it's a place of thriving enterprise.
  • Minmir is an Elven outpost on the northern end of the isle. A staging post for the Elven Retreat, it is linked by portal to the great Elven island nation of Evermeet.
  • Udith Che is a sprawling and powerful city in the Underdark. Founded by outcast Drow, the Drow still rule from the upper city, albeit on the brink of religious civil war. The lower city is occupied by any who can keep their heads on their shoulders.

There are a handful of smaller settlements outside of these three, but none that could warrant calling itself a town, or even a village. Most of the island is still uncharted, and travelers can expect to find themselves scrambling up cliff faces and fording rivers if they want to see all of it.