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Regarding Myarts – By Ubaldo Ferraz

That which has been gathered about this ancient ‘people’ is the product of, above all, much speculation and imagination, put together by the investigation of several different sources and what little remains in present day. Investigations are still being made about this matter.

The Myarts: It is said that they were a sentient ‘Golems’ and that they existed on the island somewhere during the Era of the First Landing, when the first people (most of them elves) arrived. It was also during this ancient period that the Netherese blossomed and developed.

Which has led us to suspect that either one of these civilizations, or perhaps both of them, played part in either making or the arrival of the Myarts. It has also been suggested that ancient clans of gnomes might have had a hand in it.

What is known is that they suddenly and mysteriously vanished, leaving behind scarce evidence of their passing. Two sites known to have direct links to the Myarts are the Myart (no Mystran) shrine in the crags foothills, and Glurag mur, the ancient foundry in the peaks of the same mountain.