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Welcome to Encyclopedia Arelithica!

Arelith; a small isle on Toril just southwest of the Moonshaes, full of power, intrigue, knowledge - and history. This website archives just some of the lore that the Neverwinter Nights server has generated from over a decade of collaborative world-building through roleplay. Do not be fooled, however. The greatness that lies beneath the skin of Arelith can only truly be found upon the land itself, and perhaps, if you are brave, powerful, good or evil enough, you will make your own mark both here and there.

This is the lore wiki for the Arelith server. There is a separate wiki for Arelith's extensive mechanical changes to the NWN engine here.

Encyclopedia Arelithica

Introduction to Arelith
Pre-historical Arelith

Faerun (Forgotten Realms) Lore

Character Reference Information

Arelithian Lore