This month marks another watershed moment for our server, as we finally become available to console players as the multiplayer option on Beamdog's NWN, with the core game from Skybound Games having been released on December 3rd 2019.

As one of the longest running collaborative Dungeons & Dragons story-telling environments in the world, with a history stretching back to the original release of the Bafta award winning Neverwinter Nights in 2003, is it perhaps surprising that many console players will only now hear our name for the very first time?

This is because, unlike so many other gaming destinations, Arelith is entirely non-commercial. Our narrative has been shaped by those role-players who have made their home here, with tens of thousands of players having passed through our door, and hundreds of thousands of characters. We are not 'free to play' in the modern sense, but in a deeply ethical one – there are no payments, no premium content, and no advertising at any point in the Arelith experience.

Arelith is not an MMORPG, rather, we are a community, with only a few hundred players online at any one time, dedicated to recreating the pen & paper Dungeons and Dragons experience in an online setting.


In game screenshot of Arelith

We are staffed by volunteer Dungeons Masters, writers and coders comprised of a mix of amateur and professional game developers with experience of working on titles such as Squad!, 1993 Space Machine, Forza Horizon 3 and of course the Neverwinter Nights premium module 'Tyrants of the Moonsea'

Many of our players are not just playing a game, but creating a deep, immersive, role-playing environment, which inspires not just their gameplay, but fifteen years worth of fiction and art, such as that produced by fantasy artist (and player) Matheus Graef, and a great many others who share their work on our forums.


A painting of the Underdark City of Andunor.

Despite having no advertising budget nor studio, over the years we have been featured in articles from Vice Waypoint, PC Gamer, and Engadget, with many of these articles providing a great introduction to just who we are, and what makes Arelith a deeply special environment to those play here. Elswhere , we rely purely upon the goodwill of our players and the larger Dungeons & Dragons RPG community in spreading the word of our game.