Two formidable castles rise above the oft-contested borders of the island of Arelith. Darrowdeep and Gloom are strategically placed fortresses that offer significant advantage to the ruler canny enough to win control over these well-guarded strongholds.

A bastion of feudal nobility, Darrowdeep is manned by loyal retainers and willful warriors. The vaunted destriers raised by this keep are among the finest warhorses the isle of Arelith has seen, and mounted combat is a finely honed tradition among the knights of Darrowdeep. Whoever wins control of this castle wins not just a secure base of operations, but throngs of able soldiery.

A mysterious keep that rises from the misty marshes, Gloom's walls are secured by the grim professionalism of hired mercenaries. It is home to a variety of support personnel, including capable smiths and fletchers and illusionists for hire. In addition, the Gloom is home to an austere Sisterhood who offer support and succor to whichever lord controls this keep. It is rumored that Castle Gloom is linked in some way to the mercurial plane of Shadow, but only its denizens know the full truth.

These castles can be obtained on behalf of settlements via 'Mayfield's Land Brokerage'. Any character may contribute towards a settlements active bid, and they are held for a period of 5 years thereafter.