It's the end of a historic week on Arelith, and one of the isle's original settlements has been destroyed following a massive bombardment by the forces of Cordor and Amn.

Wharftown had long been one of the most successful, and intriguing, in-game locations with over a decade of history, and was home to to some of the strongest narratives witnessed on the isle of Arelith. Yet, with one war too many waged against its far larger southern neighbour it finally fell to a determined effort from the Cordorian city state.

With the King wounded, and the flagship 'Avora' destroyed the victory came at a high price. Whether Wharftown will rise from the ashes, or some new power will emerge to challenge the might of Cordor remains to be seen, but we can all take a moment to remember what, to some, represented the finest Arelith had to offer.

All that is certain for now, is that with Wharftown's destruction a new chapter has begun for the island.