We have updated many of the original tilesets and placeables of Neverwinter Nights, with vastly improved textures.

Utilizing the art of Zwerkules, who recently supplied the resources with which Tyrants of the Moonsea was made, this major facelift brings original NWN 2003 content forward many years, and introduces many new features and buildings within those tilesets.

The same temple compared between 'old' and 'new' textures (original on the right)

With highly improved textures throughout, many placeables are also improved, and add features such as writing to signposts, and highly detailed paintings. This is a work in progress, as more such facelifts will be added, greatly improving the forests of Arelith, and the frozen tundra of Skaljard.

Ceilings added to many interiors.

For more information on this and other new features on Arelith please visit our update thread on the forums or follow us on twitter for all the latest news.