With the Load Screen Project likely to wrap up by the end of the summer, We have decided on what is to be the next 'professionally' commissioned project for Arelith, and sourced a talented and established tileset/model artist.

The first stage of this project is my longheld wish to commission a new tileset for NWN, - "The Missing Interior Tileset"

This tileset will hopefully 'fill in the gaps' in NWN, providing interiors for those existing buildings/structures in the game that have no suitable interior.

Such as:

- Caravans (Pictured)

- Ships

- Svirfneblin Buildings

- Underdark 'Poor Sector' Buildings

- Treehouse

...and many more (I recall there being about 15 such buildings)

This tileset should also 3 'generic' floor and corridor options.

- Natural Wood (again for hollowed out trees/naturally grown interiors)

- Metal (this will match the textures seen in the 'Evil Temple' Interior in the City Interiors 2 tileset)

- Desert Stone (Matching the textures in the prefab square desert building interiors in the Ruins tileset)

In addition to this, (and if funds suffice) we will also be able to commission specific placebles or items we require, such a shield design unique to Brogendeinstein, or a unique sign for the Nomad Tavern, and much else.

As with the Load Screen Project it is our intention to release the Missing Interior Tileset to the larger community when completed, via the excellent NWNVault

Stage 1 will run over a year, most likely, depending on progress. The second stage will be to comission much requested character customisation options, such as

heads, armour and clothing.

Thanks to all of our current patrons for helping to make this possible, it simply would never have happened without you.

The artist himself has joined the patron forum so as to provide updates, and feedback on any questions from our sponsors.