"Large, fierce humanoids, firbolgs live for the hunt. They value independence, courage, and the middle ground between good and evil. They are agents of destiny, death, and the unforgiving wild."

A new reward race added to Arelith. The Firbolg

Alignment: Non lawful

Race: Fey

Size: Large

+4 str

+2 con

-2 dex

-4 cha

Fast Healing (+1 regen per 15 levels starting at 1, so +3 at 30)


Deflect arrow

10/- Damage Resistance Vs Cold


Languages: Giant

Base Race: Human

ECL: +2

Optional Gift - Moon Seer (-2 Str +2 Wis)

NOTE: Arelith has chosen to adopt the 4e concept of Firbolg Lore (Minus the Feywild Association)

In other recent updates we have introduced a number of new resources for our crafting system, a fantastic new adjustment to our spawn system, and introduced a major update to Cordor's Social Club, and introduced a new Tavern, the Silver Bough, in Nexus Falls. These and other update details, are visible on our forums.

The Social Club in Cordor.