Soulhaven Monastery, in the nation of Guldorand, has been refounded. Within 'Monastery in the Mountain' these ascetic monks seek enlightenment through meditation, physical training, and study. A place open to many different orders of Faerûn, and serving as the main portal hub for the new nation, it is quite unlike anything previously seen on the isle of Arelith...

Features -

Hall of Contests

No ordinary arena, this combat ground allows for single combat or team play. The terrain rewards, and provides opportunity for, only the most inventive of fighters. Whether as a combatant or a spectator, the Hall of Contests is something entirely new to the server.

School of Clear Thought

The scholastic monks of Soulhaven maintain a school that is without equal on Arelith, with a debating chamber, classrooms, and a library intended to contain hundreds of texts completed over the years by the players of Arelith, with many taken directly from the Encyclopedia Arelithica, or from the pages of the Forgotten Realms Wiki. The School of Clear Thought is intended as a location where both player and character can spend hours learning about both the isle of Arelith, and the larger world.