Back in 2018 I was approached by fantasy artist Matheus Graef, who had become a keen player on our server, and completed an excellent painting of our 'Weatherstone' in the Skull Crags, we soon decided to work on a series of Arelith paintings that would encapsulate both Arelith and Neverwinter Nights, tiled our 'Load Screen Project'

Two years and thirty paintings later, the initial project is now complete.

Excerpts of some of the 30 Paintings for the Arelith Load Screen Project

From here we will, as previously announced, work towards replacing our default (and frankly lacklustre) Neverwinter Nights default load screen images, with these full screen paintings, of which have already been released as wallpapers for our patrons, or on our Twitter Feed.

But it doesn't end with the loads screens.

First we will see these added as actual in-game paintings, adorning the walls of areas within the game, starting with a new wing of Cordor Gallery specifically built to house them, and hosting an in-game event, where they will be officially unveiled, including an in-character, in-game auction, where characters in the game will be able to bid for and purchase the 'originals' to decorate their homes, castles or guildhouses.

Commissioning these paintings, and discussing each with the artist has been a genuine joy; areas of the game that as players we have often imagined, being brought to life so vividly, has not only furnished us with some of the best Neverwinter Night themed art I've ever personally witnessed, but allowed us to formulate an ambitious plan to update the actual game with entirely new resources.

The Underdark City of Andunor

Given our limited resources we will unlikely be able to commission many more paintings from this artist, though I am advised that he will continue, as always, to take commissions from players (He can be emailed at, Should these be character portraits, or Arelith specific locations, we would, of course, be more than willing to see added to the game-world, or even as further load screens, should any of these be of specific Arelith locations.

As this project comes to close, so the Arelith Asset Project has only recently begun, and is already yielding breathtaking results.

Our thanks to everyone that helped make this possible, especially the artist himself.