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Constructed within the Neverwinter Nights Aurora Engine and based within the Forgotten Realms setting, Arelith's doors have been open for over 13 years. The definitive online D&D roleplaying experience, our server is a truly persistent world boasting hundreds of players for you to share in the mutual enjoyment of collaborative storytelling and mutual expression.

Thanks to a passionate team of developers and Dungeon Masters, the Arelith sandbox is constantly evolving to better provide the tools an enterprising storyteller such as yourself needs to truly make the world, and your character, come to life.

Our server requires no special downloads to access, only a copy of Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition. We pride ourselves on the accessibility of our server, and challenge you to hop in and join us in the ongoing adventure that is Arelith.

It's more than just killing goblins and taking their gold. It's making your characters believable. It's the telling of a story by hundreds of authors simultaneously. It's unpredictable and improvised, and a hell of a lot of fun.

Immerse yourself in a world that is entirely in-character. Never again will you face the epic Jarl of the Giant Tribes, only to hear your friends talk about ordering a pizza in a public channel. Everybody stays in-character, and the ambience achieved is unmistakable.

We believe the game should be open and enjoyable for immediate play. There is nothing that can't be learned gradually as one explores the world.

Custom Content is detailed on the wiki, and many features can be accessed via the rest menu or typing the "-" symbol within the in-game chat console, however none of this is vital for playing and enjoying the game.

No, only a keyboard. Arelith is purely text based when it comes to player interactions. We advise against using group Skype calls when playing the game, as it this can have a negative impact on immersion.

The number changes over the years, time-zones, and seasons. At the time of writing this we have approximately three thousand unique players each month. Statistics for this are regularly posted in the forums.

We expect you to Role Play here. OOC and // talk are not allowed. Stay in character. Famous characters, using unearned titles, or using external software to modify the physical appearance of your character (including headpaks) is prohibited. Also note, that character names, skin tones, etc. can be rejected at DM's discretion and if asked, you are expected to remake without complaint. Similarly, if your character concept is harmful to the immersion of the world (e.g. you're playing Drizzt) you will be asked to delete and start over with a different concept.

Combat actions and political actions against other PC's (PvP) MUST BE INTERACTIVELY ROLE PLAYED. That means: you interact, they interact, BEFORE any battle occurs. No exceptions (though note that assassins executing a contract set up via the Guild of Assassins can count the contract process as the required interaction). If your character is killed by another PC (or vice versa), you must wait one realtime day before participating in PvP or interacting in any way with that PC or other hostile PCs from the battle unless both sides explicitly agree otherwise. You are always free to take flight from PvP. Having an opposite or evil alignment is not sufficient reason for PvP action. Before attacking another player the dislike state must be activated.

Pickpocketing more than ONCE per real time day from the same player is prohibited and will result in painful penalties, or worse.

Character are only permitted to conduct ONE theft from quarter robbery/break-in per real time day. One item means one stack of items - so you can steal 99 stacked arrows, or one bow. Please note, that stealing or destroying someone's furnishings is considered griefing if more than ONE piece is damaged/stolen. While theft is limited to one item per day, any number of illegal entries are permitted during the period.

Cybering is NOT PERMITTED on this server. There is a vast age range that plays on Arelith, for this reason, restrict any conduct you may be involved in to a "PG-13" level of interaction. Unwarranted rudeness, potentially offensive role play, inappropriate sexual references, foul language, harassment, killing non-hostile NPCs without DM supervision, and poor gamesmanship (including wanton destruction, griefing of any kind, exploiting known or unknown bugs, transferring items between your characters, logging to avoid consequences, etc) are prohibited. To conserve server resources for all, ownership of game property is limited to one shop, one quarter / guildhouse (a quarter that contains other quarters) and any number of temporary shops (marked as such) per PLAYER (not character, CD key, login name, etc. Player. Real, flesh and blood player).

The Dungeon Masters are to be considered the final authority in any dispute, question, or issue that comes up, and by playing on Arelith, you agree to abide by their decisions. If there is a dispute with a DM ruling, or if you feel you've been dealt with unfairly, OBEY THE RULING at the time, and then contact the Admin Staff. Send any complaints or compliments to us by PM on the forums (Group: Active Admins).

Disregarding any of these rules will result in punitive disciplinary actions up to and including permanent removal from the Arelith community if it is deemed necessary for the community as a whole.

Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition can be bought from Beamdog Software, or via Steam. NOTE: This is NOT sold by Arelith itself, and neither do we profit from sales of the game.

Following the release of the Enhanced Edition this patch is no longer required.

You can connect to Arelith by locating it on the current server list when selecting 'Join Internet Game', or by the Direct Connect option on the main Neverwinter Nights menu, entering the IP adress of "ee.arelith.com:5123"

Like many NWN servers Arelith uses a host of custom content, to greatly enhance the game, providing thousands of new resources.

These mods are automatically downloaded via Beamdog's NwSync when joining Arelith.

We are staffed by volunteer Dungeons Masters, writers and coders comprised of a mix of amateur and professional game developers with experience of working on titles such as Squad!, 1993 Space Machine (Shenandoah), Forza Horizon 3 and of course the Neverwinter Nights premium module 'Tyrants of the Moonsea'

These come from a wide variety of backgrounds and are based throughout the world. Their time working for Arelith is given entirely for free and are essential to maintaining an active and enjoyable online experience.

While extra hands are always welcome, we ask that individuals first establish themselves as players in the world, so as to become familiar with the culture and environment of Arelith. Anyone then wishing to contribute content or apply as a DM should contact the server owner or one of the active admins.

Arelith is now available on Xbox, Switch, PC and Mac

For PCs the Minimum system requirements are as follows, and as such will work on almost any machine.

- Windows: Windows XP or Windows Vista, 1 GHz Processor (1.4 GHz recommended), 256MB RAM (512 recommended), NVidia, ATI/AMD or Intel 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 7 (compatible with DirectX 9 recommended), Mouse, Keyboard.

The Mac requirements are:

450MHz G4 or faster processor

Mac OS X version 10.2.6 or higher

256 MB RAM

2.1 GB Hard Disk Space

32 MB or higher video card

The Arelith Admin staff can be emailed at arelith.server@gmail.com

Alternatively, if one wishes to reach the DM staff regarding in game events the email is arelith.dm@gmail.com

In game any staff currently online can be used by selecting the 'DM Channel' in the Neverwinter Nights chat console. When attempting to reach staff in this way please be patient as during peak hours they may have many player requests to deal with.

Forum members may reach either the Admins or DMs by sending private messages to the groups 'Active Admins' and/or 'Active DMs'.

Donation to Arelith are welcome, but not essential. They are currently made via the Patreon website. Players may pledge anything from $1 a month. Further details can be found by following the previous link.

Arelith was originally founded by a group of dedicated roleplayers who sought to create an environment which would reflect the essence of the Pen & Paper RPG experience within the NWN setting, and to be enyjoyed, free of charge, by fellow enthusiasts.

Thus, this world is free of charge, without premium content or any form of advertising and sponsorship from commercial sources.

Donations made to Arelith to are currently used to pay for the server hosting that are required for a game of this size, and to allow for further development, in addition to external promotion should the funds be sufficient to do so. This server does not seek to make a profit, and all proceeds are channelled directly back into the game.