Promotion Material

It is not only donations that help Arelith grow, but spreading the word among like-minded gamers across the world. We firmly believe, as do many of our players, that Arelith remains the premium online experience for D&D RPG enthusiasts. In addition to physical promotion one can also share links to the website or the Arelith Promotional Slate.



As support for Arelith continues to grow we hope to use any excess in donations to pay for the printing and shipping and these filiers to locations willing to display them. In the meantime we invite any players willing to aid in the ongoing promotion of Arelith to print out and distrubute these flyers at their local RPG store or hobby group.

Please do not leave unsolicited copies, and always obtain permission from the relevant venue/individual.

To download the flier pack click on the above image, right-click and save.



As with the fliers above these are the work of our very own Artos, one of the original founders of the server, and the artist responsible for much of the original isle.

What better way to baffle a loved-one or relative than sending them a postcard from within the game itself?

To download a postcard simply click on the desired image, right-click and save.