This evening marks an additional update to the Arcane Tower.

Two new halls are welcomed into the Tower - the Hall of Candor and the Hall of Alteration. In some parts of both areas their theme may obvious; Candor is a hall with themes of illusion and divination, where Alteration is loosely themed on the manipulation of energy and objects. My goal with this update is rather simple; add more housing and areas to be utilized by mage characters. Thus, it features a large amount new quarters all available to mage characters only. These are split between the two floors - a fair few being appropriate for low level mages (messy studies and small rooms), as well as a handful of larger and extravagant selections.

I've additionally paid careful attention to adding an additional two classrooms. While I don't expect them to be filled, they exist as simple alternatives for characters that may run 'lectures' at the same time, or for characters that simply want to host events in an appropriately themed hall. One that pays attention may notice magical workings in these new areas. While I won't give any spoilers for now, I will say that there's a handful of fun but small magical interactions to be found within the areas themselves. Some are obvious, others less so.

Both halls are now live. They can be accessed from the Foyer by two portals between the original classrooms.

Additionally Morderon has further improved our selection for choosing custom paths, including the much anticipated bloodlines for the Dragon Disciple class! Details can be read here.