The world, as we know it, has ended.

From the Moonsea to the Sword Coast, from Waterdeep to Calimshan; the world of Faerûn has fallen into undeath, its great heroic figures, the very gods that watched over it, powerless prevent the encroaching horror. Even remote Arelith, the shining city state of Cordor...is no more.

A few survivors, adventurers that had the good sense to recognise a battle that could not be won, have fled to Distant Shores, in the futile hope of finding some place to hide, somewhere to wait out the apocalypse.

This year Arelith is running our Halloween event on Sunday the 3rd of November, so as to hit peak hours, and because most of our players and staff were busy on the actual day.

And most especially because it is not something we want anyone to miss.

At 8pm GMT (3PM EST) We'll be shutting down our regular servers, and launching a version of Arelith Distant Shores, so as to see just what happens when the Faerun falls to the Deadites, in an alterate timeline limited event.

With this we'll be revisiting our PvP Zombie Survival Halloween event from a decade ago, but this time with a distinctly 'Evil Dead' twist... We all know that the world of Dungeons & Dragons is filled with many magical grimoires, but this time someone, somewhere, has read from precisely the wrong one...


You'll be able to log in as your regular character (or a new one if so desired) and take your place as one of the last survivors of the Deadite apocalypse. If your character gets killed, expect to join the ranks of the enemy. As ever our DM team will be on hand to give the story some real life.

After a certain hour, when only a few survivors are left, we'll be locking the server down for those players who are still there to enjoy the the final act of the story, while everyone else can get back to the regular world and play on an Arelith unaffected by the deadite menace.

Needless to say this is just a spot of fun, and won't in any way affect the Arelith narrative in itself, which will return to normal just as soon as we're finished! (And obviously is no way formally associated with the Evil Dead Franchise!)

Details on how to connect will be posted on our forums shortly before the event.