Arelith Art Shop

Over the last years we have commissioned a number of art pieces, for use with our Load Screen Project, and for promoting the server. By popular demand we are now making these available for purchase across a range of products using the popular site 'Redbubble'

In addition to art prints one can purchase clothing (such as the often requested Arelith hoodie), linen and much else. These are limited by the aspect of the artwork, and where they would best fit (such as the 'Sunken Treasure Chest' image featuring on the bath mat).

A Charitable Enterprise

At this stage it is hard to judge what revenue will be generated by this store. Redbubble operates a system whereby we receive a '20% markup', so for example with a lighweight hoodie costing €38.49, Arelith receives €5.46.

While players can contribute to server upkeep via the 'Donate' link on our webpage, we will be donating 75% of all shop proceeds to charity. Every quarter (assuming we have sales), six of our staff members will be invited to nominate a charity, for players to vote on. The winning organisation will then receive the funds.

The first such vote will take place 3 months from today.

You can find the Arelith shop here. The different products can be seen by selecting each design. Please note, Redbubble only shows a small selection of the items on the 'Shop Products' tab.