"Tension rose in the early days of 178AR when disputes over colonial affairs in the True World of Maztica pitted the nation of Amn against the powerful city-state of Waterdeep. No recompense could be found between the two as tensions gave way to open warfare across a vast frontier.

The Lords' Alliance rallied to Waterdeep's call, and with it swept the Sword Coast and more into a new and terrifying state of conflict. From the bloody siege of Baldur's Gate, to the downfall of Beregost. From the native uprisings of Maztica amidst gruelling jungle warfare, to the Amnian's lost to the Trackless Sea at the Battle of the Leviathan Strait. The scars of war mark the hearts of many across Faerun.

And though neutral and far removed from the brewing struggle, even Arelith's steel was tested by the calamity of war. Amn's long-standing good will with the Kingdom of Cordor lead to their co-operation in the destruction of Wharftown decades prior. In Guldorand the Lords' Alliance holds a formidable stake in its construction, sporting several representatives upon its Council of Founders.

Arelith's two major cities honoured their friendships with the greater powers by offering relief to Amnian and Waterdhavian fleets alike, and in doing so risked the Island itself becoming a frontier of its own in a much greater war. Politicians, pirates, warriors, saboteurs, schemers and anything in-between tried their hands at tipping the balance of conflict in whichever way their deities or base desires wished.

A cease in hostilities was called by both sides after the prolonged effort to pursue peace by the Forest country of Cormyr brought together the leaders of Amn, Waterdeep and their respective allies to the negotiation table. The Steel Regent Alusair Nacacia Obarskyr oversaw a great moot to hear the tales and tragedies of all who stood in the wake of the war's strife, and in its conclusion announced the return of peace between Amn and the Lord's Alliance.

After hearing the ire of the duelling Arelith delegates and their perceived injustices wrought by their fellow islanders, his excellency the Meisarch and Open Lord Piergeiron agreed to the neutrality of the once Amnian Tradepost in return for a larger share of territory in Maztica. The Tricrown Conglomerate was chartered to maintain this neutrality, and ensure a more equal trade about the region with hope that it will no longer cause Arelith, or its people, to become caught in the gears of foreign conflicts vying to control the flow of coin.

With countless lives lost, and Faerun's map drawn anew, who knows what else might rise from the ashes of war?"

This marks the end of a long DM/Player plotline, that involved many players across the module. that used many new unique areas seeing the players travel far beyond Arelith.

Thanks to everyone, players and staff alike for bringing this one to life! You can read more about the event (and see more screenshots!) on our forums,