Most players of Neverwinter Nights know that traps are a core part of the game mechanics, yet have long remained of limited utility on servers such as Arelith.

In the first of a series of updates planned to improve this area of the game, and following feedback from many of our players, the following changes have been made.

- Trap damage now based on d4s to reduce the spike variability
- Player set trap damage now scales with the character's invested Set Trap skill points. Bonuses from items and abilities do not count.
- Traps are still not triggered by party members, but the effects can now hurt them if they are too close to an AoE
- The Set Trap skill can now used for crafting traps if it is higher than the craft trap skill (Temporary, intended to be moved eventually)
- Minor, Average and strong traps set by players have had their damage significantly increased
- If you have detected a trap, the save DC is reduced by 5
- For each 5 levels in Rogue, Assassin, Zhentarim Operative or Harper Scout, the saving throw DC on traps they set is increased by 1
- Traps now show the saving throw of the victim to the player that set the trap in the same way a spell would to a caster
- Traps now report damage and successful stunning effects to the trapper
- Player set tangle traps now entangle instead of slow (You cannot walk/run, but can take other actions)
- Holy traps damage is doubled vs undead
- Holy traps are now AoE in a 10ft radius
- Holy traps now have a reflex save attached
- Spike traps now hobble for 5 rounds on failing the reflex save, similar to a called shot: leg (-4 Dexterity, -10% Movement speed)
- Sonic traps now only stun for 2 rounds on all tiers, but leave a lingering deafen effect
- Negative traps now have a reflex save to avoid all effects
- Increased scaling for strength drain on negative traps
- Acid splash traps now blind for 2 rounds
- Acid blob traps no long paralyse, but have a lingering damage over time effect
- Trap Stacking: Characters immune to all traps for 2 seconds after stepping on one. Applies only to player set traps.

This is only the beginning, with the eventual aim of making an expert trapper a truly viable choice for player characters. Further feedback, and update notes will be available on our forums.