There are few races on Arelith more committed to the chronicling of their history than the dwarves of Brogendenstein. Past rulers, their victories & their defeats, the crimes & acts of heroism of their people, all carefully preserved.

Thus, each new generation may come to understand the tale of their ancestors.

These are the Hall of Legends, the centre of their mountain kingdom, and guarded by the Silver Dragon, Darnoth, and home to the great Clan Halls of their chosen Thane and warriors, a place too where the dwarves still convene in great moots to discuss matters of importance to the city.

The Mead Hall

This update not only upgrades the Halls of Legends in Brogendenstein, but also sees extensive work on providing new residences for the settlement using a tileset never before utilized on Arelith. Including 6 Clan Halls, and a large guildhouse; The Halls of the Thane.

A Clan Hall of Brogendenstein

As one of our key starting locations for the server, a further series of updates is planned for Brogendenstein later in the year, once the new city of Guldorand has been finally completed.