Ancient Tombs and Deep Riches

The shifting sands of Sibayad hide a legacy of ancient kingdoms and long-buried treasure.

Scholars have recently unearthed three entrances to the rumored burial grounds of once mighty kings. These monarch's domains have long since faded to dust and myth, their vast armies now no more than fragments of bronze littering the Lost Desert. Yet the dangerous sentinels of these tombs have not forgotten duty; any who dare trespass must be prepared for unexpected dangers and sudden peril.

The Merchant's League of Sibayad beckons experienced adventurers and skilled tomb-raiders to unearth what artifacts lay hidden within. Who can tell what riches can be found beneath the Canyon of Kings?

Meanwhile, on mainland Arelith, rumors abound in the Earthkin Alliance of new work to be found in the Grotto. A Registry Agent has set up shop in the deep tunnels, offering tasks for delvers willing to brave the challenges of the Upperdark.