Archers, woodcrafters and throwing knife enthusiasts can look forward to a host of new recipes in Arelith's custom crafting system. Additional products have been added to Carpentry, offering new tiers of progression in all ranged weapons. Carpenters can also produce their own line of spears, quarterstaffs, and shields - offering alternatives beyond the tried and true Forging recipes.

Meanwhile, existing ammunition bundles have been streamlined. Fewer intermediary steps and a steadier progression should offer a rewarding experience for crafters, whether they are fledgling fletchers or master wrights. Additionally, Throwing Weapons are now available in bundle form, making it easier for characters to either dabble or specialize in Darts, Throwing Axes, or Shuriken.

For those looking to enchant their ammunition, the mysteries of the Assembly Template are waiting to be unlocked. Alchemists and magic-users are now capable of storing potent combinations of different essences and spells.

Details on the new systems can be found here.