"Within Dis can all desires be met, for the right price," say its advocates. In this vast, terrible city, those not consigned there to perdition can find among its maze-like streets every manner of good, amenity, and supply. Only grandest Sigil can rightly claim to be its rival or better, for there are few planar trade hubs as vast as this in all known creation.

Now, portals leading there have been thrown open to Arelith's adventurers, and mercenary-minded falxugon Transporters have cropped up from its islands' oldest ruins to the halls of the Undercity's traffickers. There is no doubt that a significant planar city has much to be found within it. But for the promise of all that one desires, what price might be asked in return?"

The Second Layer of Hell, the great and terrible city of Dis, is constantly subjected to reconstruction. Its inhospitable streets, once familiar to many Arelith adventurers, are now only a shadow glimpsed far beneath its newest commercial showing: the Concourse Capaneus.

One of Dis' more opulent merchant boulevards, the Concourse Capaneus is an elevated avenue and plaza, seated upon the roof of one of the city's tower sprawls. A more civilized corner of Dis than the streets below it, this planar marketplace is where characters can find rare items and services and meet and deal with both the pernicious fiends native there, but countless more planar visitors too- including each other.

Scheming Falxugons now lair in some of the islands' darker corners, from the sands of Sibayad to Arelith's surface ruins. In Andunor too, doors once closed have been opened, and these Devil Transporters ply their dark trade there, offering passage to Dis for either gold or some small fraction of a traveler's very soul*. A new portal nexus now at least offers easier access after the Iron City has been reached.

*Legal definitions vary, please consult your local priest or occult jurist.

This major update includes the following:

  • Over a dozen brand-new areas and many reworked ones
  • Living, breathing city: dynamic NPC crowds & shops
  • Complete overhaul of the Cloven Hoof with player-tended bar
  • Many (many) new NPC shops and services
  • Four new player shops (and two temp shops)
  • Six (anonymous) player quarters
  • Twelve (anonymous) player storage vaults
  • Anti-scry meeting hall (analogous to Cordor's Temple of Beshaba)
  • PvP-enabled Colosseum with Ranked Matches*
  • Arelith-only custom assets by Magistrasa
  • New Abishai, Maelephants, and remodeled Cornugons
  • 140+ unique written NPCs
  • 250+ new RP items for sale

*This feature uses the old Gigaschatten Arena Engine, and is still undergoing testing. Expect changes and upgrades, and always report bugs on the bug forum!

This update also includes several more changes and fixes: see the announcement post for the rest.