December was a very busy time here at Arelith, and so we got a little behind on news feed. With the announcement of Beamdog's Enchanced Edition staff have working extremely hard on the server. Here is a breakdown of the month's highlights.

Quest System introduced to Arelith

Head to the nearest tavern and gather together a party, for paying work is available for those brave (or foolhardy) enough to delve into the deep dungeons of Arelith. Two organizations have established footholds in the archipelago, both offering contracts to any intrepid freelancers willing to risk life and limb for a handsome payout.

The Trackless Sea Adventurer's Registry & Contracting is the foremost 'adventuring guild' in this part of Faerun, with contacts ranging from Chult to the northernmost reaches of the Sword Coast. Find their agents in taverns throughout Arelith.

The Deep Delver's Association, based out of Gracklstugh, has arrived in Anundor. This centuries-old organization has long specialized in connecting paying clients to able contractors, and it now offers the same services to the motley denizens of Arelith's Underdark. An Association Agent can be found in the Employment Office of Anundor. Meanwhile, in far Skaljard, the village mayor has filed the paperwork to become an agent of the Registry. Those lucky (or unfortunate) enough to find themselves washed up on Skal's icy shores may find regular employ in service of a beleagured town.

This new feature offers regular tasks and challenges that will help your character establish a reputation as a daring adventurer. What contract awaits you today?

Beamdog do a livestream of the server!

Beamdog's weekly livestream ran a playthrough of some of our new content, and invited players to join them for an adventure to the Ghostwood. The full video can still be seen here.

Arelith - Distant Shores

We have launched a whole new Arelith module on Enhanced Edition Headstart. This is an extremely large expansion of our gameworld, and will be merged with the main server following formal release of the game. It's open for any Headstart owner to play, and represents a entirely fresh gameplay experience for new and existing players. The largest single project for some time, and one we hope everyone will soon be able to enjoy!