"Staring into the void, the derro are waiting in their twisted cities to oversee the descent of the world into insanity and destruction."

Existing in their warrens beneath many of the great drow and duergar cities, the derro are nevertheless barely tolerated by their closest neighbors. With madness and depravity at the centre of their identity, these degenerate dwarves are both highly intelligent, and very often murderously insane...

Led by their hedonistic savants, the derro are driven by their own twisted ideas and visions. Branded lunatics by the other races, they exist as pariahs even among the many outcast races of the Underdark.

The Derro presence in the Arelith Underdark has greatly increased, with their warrens now extending deep into the fissures of and trenches of Great Scar - Far below the city of Andunor, beyond the Fungal Maze, lies their town of Norogh Norr.

This large update includes a number of new areas and creatures, but also introduces 'Derro' as a playable subrace on Arelith. For details of the update please visit our forums.

And if you want to learn more about derro, then check out 'The Derropedia' (because bizzarely that's a thing!)

The accompanying illustration is the property of Wizards of the Coast, and has been used with the kind permission of fantasy artist Ben Wootten