The first of a series of new dungeons added to Arelith's underdark, sees a bullywug settlement, and a troglodtyle citadel added to the Flood Plains beyond the gates of Andunor. These are extensive dungeons designed for prolonged dungeon crawls for levels 5-12.

This updates comprises of -

- 10 New Areas

- New and Improved Creatures

- 3 New Quests (Writs)

The Troglodtye Citadel

The Throne Room of Queen Y'Cranos

Having laid claim to a forgotten ancient structure to the north of Andunor's flood plains, an undead queen aims to gather and lead her primitive lizardfolk, and forge a fledgling empire to rival any in the region. Adventures of Andunor are tasked to put an end this foolish dream once and for all...

There are many features in this dungeon, including secret doors, pit traps leading to the dreaded shark pit. Spread over a number of extensive interiors, some of which using tilesets new to Arelith, this is intended to breathe new life into the dungeoneering experience for those playing in Arelith's Underdark.

Blood Magic in the Depths of the Stronghold.

Beware the stench of the Troglodtyes...

The Bullywug Settlement of Urae-Slananis

The Entrance to Urae-Slananis

Bullywugs are a primitive, savage race who make their home in the wetlands of Faerun. While not normally native to the Underdark, the waterlogged floodplains of Arelith's upperdark make an ideal habitate. Known to consort with the weaker slaad, and to worship a sleeping primordial god, their relentless appetite for the local rothe threatens the food production of Andunor.

The Great Encampment of the Bullywugs

The Chamber of Ramenos, Home to the Montrous Toad