A guardian of breast and shield,
Our fair aegiskeryn!
Now eagle’s nest for battlefield,
To serve the whims of Men

O Corellon! O Angharradh!
We know no shield nor breast
Your children on uncertain paths
Please, can we stop and rest?

"Among the trees, there, up in the north, is a hill. The elven people once thought it sacred, but such things don't last. It commands such a view of the region that, nearly two centuries ago, Men did build a tower upon it, all the better to see all that lay aneath. This is the story of that hill.

What was once an unspoiled, verdant pinnacle, was built on by that old kingdom of Kohlingen, many moons ago, perhaps even before the Godswar - the last edifice of civilisation men would see before riding south for Benwick, or for Cordor, on their post-runs. But you and I both know how that story ends, of how Minmir's dead rise, of Manfried's betrayal, of Kohlingen's fall. What was it like, on that fateful day? When the dead did walk and men did fall. If you are wise, clever, or wily enough, you might be able to read a fleeting glimpse of how this last hold-out against Minmir's dead fared, and perhaps where they fled, and perhaps even survived.

The Border Reavers occupy a Tower west of Guldorand, on the cusp of Minmir and the Crags. They have done for awhile. But they are philistines and know not of the archaeological bounty they dwell in, and care not for its tales. Perhaps you might."

Those with a curiosity for the island's history will find much to chew on and debate, as Kuma has written extensively for this update. The area will now reveal its secrets, after an in-depth facelift, with extensive use of msheeler's placeable skill check system. If you beat certain DC's with particular skills when examining things, you may uncover history and lore about those things. This isn't just for those with Lore, though; certain objects will only reveal their full information with a Discipline or Spellcraft check, among other things.

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