The new Encyclopedia Arelithica has launched, and we're looking for content! In a change from the last incarnation, we're looking for anything that would be suitable to show up in game as a book. Indeed, my ambition for the future is to generate books in game from articles on the Encyclopedia that have been approved for IG use by the admin team - but for now, we're focused on content generation.

So! If you have an IG book on your character, we want it! If you've been putting off writing an IG book because of the clunkiness of writing a book in the enchantment basin, we want that too! If you have a past character who never got around to writing a book, we even want that! So long as it's IC and isn't just an exposition of dry facts, we want it... even if it's propaganda or just biased.

Instructions are simple:
- Go to any page on the Encyclopedia.
- Log in with your forum user account details.
- Search for the title you want to create.
- Assuming nobody else has already written something of that name, you'll get a link to create the page - click the title to open the editor.
- We use standard MediaWiki syntax - guides here and here, but don't worry too much about fancy formatting.

One of our team of editors will handle assigning categories and hence making your content linkable from things like the timeline or Arcane Tower library as appropriate.

Suggestions welcome - but content even more welcome