"The relationship of NWN and Cleric has always been a bit of a rocky road. They have largely relied upon their core book of spells and the vanilla domains besides Travel, Trickery, and Plant were never really interesting. Even some of the previous work on Arelith did not do much to break from these paths - only trying to toss out other gimmicks to make some picks of domains that were not those three.

In 3e PnP cleric domains tend to have a lot more narrative purpose and the gods themselves usually only have influence enough to teach their priesthoods a few of them. These things are usually tied to a deity in a metaphysical way that gives you the core theme of what that god stands for and mechanically a domain would effectively reserve two of your spell slots for the spells in your domain lists.

What we have decided to do is work with these ideas and reconcile to them the reality that Arelith and NWN are a game much different than a table top experience - as well as our own limitations in the engine currently (such as how many feats we can add or spells per spell-book)." - Red Ropes

It's long been a wish of our players for more domains, and the complete list, and their assocated spells can be found on the Arelith Wiki

This sits alongside other changes to Arelith's Cleric Class and those surrounding deities, including our unique 'aspect' system, and support for existing Forgotten Realms heresies.

As always you can read about this and other updates, as well as read feedback from our players on theArelith Forums.