The settlement mechanics of Arelith are unique to the server. Elected players can control the politics, law, economics, and now 'official faith' of a city, town, village, or in the case of the Underdark city of Andunor, its districts.

With power in the hands on the player electors, the leaders must do all they can to appease their citizens, while facing down the threats of war, bankrupcy or even assassination.

The denizens of Andunor's port on the 'Subterranean Seas' have today established themselves as the third district of the city, alongside Devil's Table and the Sharps.

Sponsored by the duergar merchants of Graklstugh the growth of this fledgling district is all but guaranteed to grow, as it promises to establish new routes, fresh destinations, and expand into a thriving port.

This addition allows for a new dynamic in Arelith's underdark, and with fresh elections now underway for a new ruler, the balance of power is certain to shift.