Following on from last years Leadership Skill update, we have added approximately 40 new, unique henchmen to the module, spread between each of our starting locations, with the following features.

Leadership Requirement

In addition to any other considerations these henchmen each require a different leadership skill value from the PC, depending upon their level and personality. Further to this, a character with especially high leadership will bestow certain bonuses upon them while adventuring.

The Henchmen of Skaljard

Level Range

Each NPC party member will only agree to join a PC if they fall within a certain level range in comparison to their own. Thus far, these additions are largely focused on the low-mid level character tier.

A Share of the Spoils

Most henchmen do not require payment in advance, and instead take a percentage share of any gold discovered on your adventures. This is deducted automatically as the gold itself is spawned. As with the leadership requirement the exact figure is determed by the nature and personality of the NPC, ranging anywhere from 0-50%

The Pirate Henchmen of Sencliff

Unique Personalities

These NPCs are each designed to have their own distinct character and background, with some risking a certain stigma for those who opt to allow them into their company.

Kres Haasak

"Formerly a member of the Minmir's Border Reavers, Kres soon discovered she was unsuited to following anyone's lead for very long. Constant feuding with their queen, accompanied with an obvious craving for status led, inevitably, to an ill-considered confrontation.

Shamed and disfigured, Kres now obsesses only on bringing her former companions to their knees, and will enthusiastically join any raiding party she considers to have merit.

This kenku is Ill-disciplined, impulsive, and greedy, and any choosing to travel with her should first understand they are unlikely to make friends while doing so."

They aren't heroes...

NPC Henchmen do not compare to player characters, and thus make a poor substitute for player companions. With significantly worse stats and generally poor equipment, they can be viewed 'support characters', and will only choose engage enemies who get especially close to your party.

The Earthkin Henchmen of Brogendenstein

Cross server support

Despite the fact that Arelith is spread over 4 different servers, the henchmen will follow you across as you move between them. Further to this they will often retire to the nearest tavern or appropriate location if disbanded while travelling elsewhere.

And another good reason to explore the isle of Arelith...

Not all of these NPCs are easily found, and many may be discovered in unusual or remote locations.

The Henchmen of Cordor

In addiition to these NPCs, this update also includes the new 'Throwing Dagger' weapons first announced during the Invisible Blade update, and an expansion to the Great Grotto area beneath the Golden Halls of Brogendenstein. Full details, as always, will be posted on our forums.