The Load Screen Project is nearing completion, with the last few paintings expected to be finished later in the year.

With nearly thirty paintings prepared, and a huge amount of support from the community we will be introducing these to Arelith alongside the addition of HAKs within the next few months. As we prepare our online player handbook and in game resources these will likely be used far beyond the load screens in the game itself.

We are currently planning on an epic tavern scene for one final painting once the project is complete, which will feature many of the characters who have played Arelith both today and in the past, which is definitely something to look forward to, and a chance for those players who have not yet donated to do so, and thus be featured in the project.

Remember too, that it is our stated intention to make the full load screen mod (minus the Arelith logos) freely available to the entire NWN Persistent World community.

One of the most exciting aspects of this has been to see not just the different tilesets of NWN represented in this paintings, but actual Arelith locations, which began with the 'Astrolabe' at the outset of the project. While seeing these places translated to paintings throughout the module has been thrilling, none has been more thrilling to me than seeing Matheus Graef produce the city of Andunor for us, which I am now sharing as a wallpaper for all of our players

Elsewhere this month we saw the final completion of the fully dynamic book storage system from developer Silvard, ennabling our players to continue to publish their own works in game, and update out DB in real time so that once written, a book is never lost, and a great quality of life update from developer Artenides