After the completetion of the first Load Screen Images last year, we have now gone live with full screen load images on Arelith. This marks a significant increase in the quallity of the game, and we believe will further inspire the imagination of our players when playing Arelith.

Many of these paintings represent actual locations on Arelith, such as the Astrolabe pictured in the above banner, or NWN resources. Much of the work was specially commissioned for Arelith from artist Matheus Graef.

Some of the Load Screens seen on Arelith

Due to the different screen sizes and systesm supported by NWN, creation of the a full screen load function was not a straightforward task, and one that was kindly completed for us by Laputian Bird of the upcoming 'Neverwinter Is Coming' (NWIC) Project and Sherincall, of the NWNX Team.

In addition to the art by Metheus Graef we have licsensed an image by fantasy artist Tyler Edlin for the Brogendenstein Load image, and commissioned two further upcoming paintings, one of the elven settlement of Myon, and the other of Nexus Falls and the Minmir Region.

The Frozen Stronghold

In addition to these artists we have also used some free stock fantasy images, where required, and a number of screenshots, both those submitted by players on our forums, and the master high-res versions of the those recently updated to NWN alongside the new tilesets, which we originally made when completing the area work on Tyrants of the Moonsea.

We will continue to commission and add artwork in future. Should members of the Arelith community wish to do so the same they may present such work on our forums. Please ensure that any submitted work much be entirely legal for us to use. Please do not submit screenshots, as we intend to gradually phase our their use as we obtain appropriate artwork.

Please note that the Load Screen images from Matheus Graef are the property of Arelith, A Persistent World, while that of Tyler Edlin is licensed only for use on our server. Commissioned Character Portraits, used in some locations, are the property of those individual players, and used with their permission.