This large update to Arelith's version of Neverwinter Nights sees not only many new additions, but also a number of significant changes to the game.

New Weapons!

We have replaced the system of 'Weapon Feats' with 'Weapon Groups', meaning characters no longer need to wed themselves to one particular weapon. Further to this we are adding 9 entirely new weapon to NWN and have adjusted certain others. These changes will allow characters on Arelith to use a Myriad of weapons throughout their life, allowing for far greater diversity of options.

New Classes!

Live the dream of rejecting th perils of adventurer and instead pursuing the life of a Commoner. A unique class that gains experience in quite a different way, and is able to excel at crafting, becoming a true artisan in their chosen discipline.

Alternatively one can wait until Epic Levels to take Specialist. This class is effectively whatever a character wishes it to be, and is open to all base professions. A specialist can be anything from a master trapper, to an acrobat or stealith expert. With all skills unlocked, and able to gain epic feats in Skill Focus, there are few limitiations to this diverse and very special new option for characters on Arelith.

New Spells!

We are continuing to add new spells to Arelith, with 5 more taken from the various books of D&D. Bigby's Disrupting Hand, Sound Lance, Finger of Agony, Freeze & Iceberg

Skill Rework

The Addition of Modded Content to Arelith has allowed us to make changes to how many of our skills work, and introduced the option of adding new ones. Most significantly we have moved the use of magical scrolls to the 'Lore' skill from 'Use Magical Device'. This is a highly detailed change, which to those familiar with NWN will immediately be recognised as a hugely significant adjustment.

This update doesn't end there, with feat changes, spell adjustments, some minor class changes and bug repairs, it is an update that has been the work of many months, and following many discussions within the development team, and ongoing feedback from players.

As always, full details are on our forums.