Disciplined aspirants of self-mastery, monks dedicate their lives towards perfecting the body and learning to channel latent ki energy. These mobile and resilient warriors are a welcome addition to any adventuring party.

Arelith has recently updated this iconic base class with new features and epic progression, along with the role-play oriented perk of Tongue of the Sun and Moon. One such feature is weapon disciplines, where the monk unlocks feats in a versatile selection of armaments.

Monk characters, both existing and new, will find themselves rewarded by dedicating levels to this class and pursuing the rigors of martial arts.

Additionally, this same release updates the balance between the specialist stealth classes, with changes to Rogue, Assassin, Shadowdancer, and the interplay between those classes. Characters who prefer the shelter of shadow will find new paths open to them. For more details, see our update thread