The monstrous denizens of the Underdark are now even deadlier than before. Several playable monster races - an Arelith specific feature - have been reviewed and updated, with new perks added.

Orogs now start with the Power Attack feat, making it easier for the martial race to acquire more advanced combat feats. In addition, the well-armed juggernauts can now outfit themselves with unique craftable armor and weaponry only available to Orogs.

Gnolls enjoy Power Attack and Toughness from the get-go, in addition to the physical damage immunities already enjoyed by the base Half-Orc race. Gnoll packs are a fearsome presence indeed.

Goblins no longer suffer under a penalty to Charisma, allowing them to more easily become cunning sorcerers and villainous blackguards. Goblins also gain immediate access to Use Poison, opening up a realm of dirty tricks and cruel tactics.

The dour Duergar now have a Strength bonus to put them in the same league as their dwarven rivals. Duergar now also deal more easily with merchants of all races, reflecting their status as intermediaries of trade between the sun-lit surface lands and the deep caverns of the Underdark.

As always, details are on our update thread in the forums.