'I'll tell you a secret, shall I?

All those paladins and crusaders, the Kelemvorites that make it their business to 'vanquish' the undead alongside those necromancer that bring them into this world? – They are, all of them, in love with the living dead, just as I am.

How could they not? Anyone with an ounce of artistry in their soul knows that there is a good deal more beauty in the grotesque than there ever can be in perfection. 'True' art makes you question your heart's desire; a staring contest not with the object itself, but yourself. It should be terrifying, and uncomfortable, to transfix your attention so that even if you can look away? You can never forget...

Undeath, in all of its forms - those things that stumble, crawl, slither or creep are nothing more than a mirror held up against ourselves, not just our bodies and bones laid bare, but the bloody pool of raw sentience, souls of once living minds clambering for some sense of purpose.

Every undead, no matter its power, no matter how formidable or terrifying, is clothed in its own ragged tragedy, one born not of its animation, but of mortality itself. They are every bit as disgusting and feeble as, in our hearts, we know ourselves to be.

You see, there is no artistry in the practitioning of magic, save among the necromancers. And those that do bring them into existence share one thing in common with those that seek to vanquish them...

...neither of us can look away in the face of such beauty.

All I offered was the ultimate peepshow - execute me if you must, but do not pretend you don't also yearn for a glimpse behind the veil.'

- From the archives of the Cordorian Court - 'Conversations with a Necromancer'.

This update introduces many new Undead Streams, allowing necromancers a much greater variety of possible summons, in addition to the the 'Crawling Hand' Familiar. Granted to certain classe and races (See below) they can also be accessed from rare items in game.


All Undead streams have been completely rebalanced and redone from the ground up.

Changes to existing streams:
- Mummy Stream: Now Zombie stream (No longer summons mummies)
- Vampire Stream: Now Ghoul stream (No longer summons vampires)

New Streams Available:
- Zombie (Available to everyone automatically, default stream)
- Ghoul
- Mummy (Granted to Clerics automatically)
- Wight
- Vampire (Granted to Vampire characters automatically)
- Ghost (Granted to Dirgesingers automatically)
- Abomination (Granted to Palemasters automatically)
- Skeleton

- Wraith
- Beast Spirit (Granted to Shamans automatically)
- Drowned Dead (Granted to Fathomless Warlocks automatically)

New Familiar Skin for Pixie: The Crawling Claw

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