This huge and exciting QoL update has been in the works for some time, adding new/updated inventory icons (1,145 total), many with corresponding models when dropped in the world. This includes gems, grenade-likes, healing kits, containers, and all miscellaneous small/thin/medium/large items. The icons and models themselves are both sourced from the Vault (and cleaned up/customized as necessary), as well as brand-new, original assets available only on Arelith. No more wondering which of the four items you’ve picked up that all share the same icon!

Distinguishing icons and models for all raw gems and gem dust!

As well as, metal ores and ingots.

This overhaul also splits "Miscellaneous" items into multiple baseitem categories both for ease of organization and for building on future updates, and allowing more granular control over item weights, the sounds when picked up/moved in inventory, and other quality of life features and polish.

Because of this, old items from before this update will not automatically change over to the new icons, nor will they stack with new items. These old versions will eventually fall out of circulation, and all new resources gathered/items crafted will use new icons where appropriate, and loot items will be updated over time with the new appearances.

NOTE: If you are able to place the item in a storage bag, then you will be able to remove it with the new item appearance. This will permit stacking for raw materials that can be placed in such a bag.

All crafting recipes will accept either the old or new items.

And speaking of bags; how about being able to visually differentiate them? (cont...)(edited)

Further details on this update can be found on the Announcements forum post, here.

Just a few more pictures:

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