- Courier quests are being introduced. For more information see this post.

- Due to the effort of local adventurers, economic activity in Skal has increased. The local branch of the Registry (read: the Mayor) can now pay rates comparable to those offered by Registry agents elsewhere.

Potion Crafting

- Casters using the Brew Potion feat can now convert stacks of magical potion bottles, rather than needing to do so one at a time. Casting on a stack will convert up to ten empty magical bottles into finished product. XP and Gold costs will be multiplied accordingly.

- Characters with the Brew Potion feat will now create additional potions when doing so through crafting recipes and a work table.

- Three new Skleens have been added to Alchemy.

- The Dusty Rose Skleen now improves Shield AC rather than Deflect AC by +1.

- Potions of Freedom and Black Potions of Warding have been added to Herbalism.