By popular demand from many of our players, Minotaurs have now been added as a playable race to Arelith.

To play this rare race a player must qualify for a reward via the 'epic sacrifice option', and they start in the Underdark city of Andunor, and have the following statistics

+4 str

+2 Con

-2 Wis

-2 Cha

Immunity to Maze,

Minotaur skin, +4 spot/search/listen, Darkvision, Spring Attack feat Track Skill.

Weapon Focus: 2H, 5% PI

Natural Armour bonus to AC (+2)

ECL +4

Alignment: Non-good

Languages: Animal, Jotun, and Undercommon

As always one can read more about this, as well as other details about the latest update on our forums.