An exciting update for Arelith as we update our spells lists to include many D&D spells previously not present in NWN, and provide an updated spell list to many existing caster classes!

Please note that all of the below are subject to change as this includes a lot of new spells and adjustments to existing spells.

First of all, most, if not all, of Arelith's spell specific changed will now be shown on the spell's in game description (Not scrolls). These changes could already be found here:

If I missed something, typo, or needs clarification of the In-game description let me know and I will look into it.

New Spells!

Please note a full explanation of these spells can be found on the in game spell description.

Nahal Reckless Dweomer (Wizard 1)
Wild Mage Only. Regular Wizards can still learn this spell but won't be able to cast it. This spell effectively replaces the -surge command and has to be prepared in your spellbook.

Chaos Shield & Improved Chaos Shield (Wizard 3, Wizard 7)
Wild Mage Only. Regular Wizards can still learn this spell but won't be able to cast it. This spell effectively replaces the -chaos command and has to be prepared in your spellbook.
Will increase your roll on the surge table by +20 when you next get a wild surge. The improved version increases your roll by +40.

Disintegrate (Wizard / Sorcerer 6)
A successful ranged touch attack to hit. Any creature struck by the ray takes 2d6 points of damage per caster level (to a maximum of 40d6).

Halt Undead (Cleric 3, Wizard / Sorcerer 3)
Renders undead creature immobile for the duration of the spell if they fail the save. Save only allowed for Intelligent Undead (Affects PC Vampires).

Blasphemy (Cleric 7)
Creates a persistent AoE that affects creatures entering the shape. The effect applied to the creature is based on their HitDie (HD) vs the Caster's HD.

Crushing Despair (Bard 3 Wizard / Sorcerer 4)
Affected creatures takes a -2 penalty on attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and weapon damage rolls for the duration of the spell.

Good Hope (Bard 3)
Affected creature gains a +2 morale bonus on saving throws, attack rolls, skill checks, and weapon damage rolls for the duration of the spell.

Faerie Fire (Druid 1)
Will remove concealment benefits from blur, displacement, invisibility, or similar magical effects.

Maze (Wizard / Sorcerer 8)
Target is banished to a labyrinthine demiplane for 4 Rounds.

Wall of Ice (Wizard / Sorcerer 4)
Like Firewall but with Cold Damage. Does not increase damage versus Undead.

Scorching Ray (Wizard / Sorcerer 2)
Fire one ray, plus one additional ray for every four levels beyond 3rd (to a maximum of three rays at 11th level). Each ray requires a ranged touch attack to hit and deals 4d6 points of fire damage.

Chromatic Orb (Wizard / Sorcerer 1)
Caster must make a successful ranged touch attack to hit the target. Once struck the target takes 1d8 points of damage of different element per two caster levels (to a maximum of 5d8 at Level 9).

Wrathful Castigation (Cleric 8, Wizard / Sorcerer 8)
Target must make a Fortitude save or die instantly. A surviving targetmust make a Will save, failing that, they are dazed for the duration of the spell and suffer 1d4 per caster level (Max 20d4) as damage.

Avascular Mass (Wizard / Sorcerer 8)
Caster must succeed on a ranged touch attack to strike a target. If the attack is successful, the subject loses half its current hit points and is stunned for 1 round. Nearby enemies around the target must also roll a Fortitude saving throw or be stunned for 1 Round as well.

Burst of Glacial Wrath (Druid 9, Wizard / Sorcerer 9)
The spell deals 1d6 points of cold damage per caster level (maximum 25d6 points). Any living creature reduced to 10% of their maximum hit points or lower is encased in ice for 1 round/ two caster levels (max 10 rounds). Creatures turned to ice in this fashion gain DR 10/-, vulnerability to fire, and immunity to cold and electricity.

Scintillating Pattern (Wizard / Sorcerer 8)
The spell affects a total number of Hit Dice of creatures equal to your caster level (maximum 20). The spell affects each subject according to its HD: Unconscious for 1d4 rounds, stunned for 1d4 rounds, confused for 1d4 rounds (Effects are activated after the previous one expires)

Eyebite (Bard 6, Wizard / Sorcerer 6)
Depending on the target's HD, this attack has as many as three effects: Sickened, Feared, Sleep.

Nightmare (Bard 5, Wizard / Sorcerer 5)
The nightmare prevents sleep and causes fatigue and 1d10 points of negative damage per two caster levels (max 15d10) on already sleeping targets (sleeping targets will wake up from this). Is Permanent.

Irresistible Dance (Bard 6, Wizard / Sorcerer 8)
The subject feels an undeniable urge to dance. The spell effect makes it impossible for the subject to do anything other than dance dance dance. The effect imposes a -4 penalty to Armor Class and a -10 penalty on Reflex saves. Lasts 1d4 + 1 Rounds.

Spell Changes:

Circle of Death
Will deal 8d6 Negative damage on a failed save

Removes the Faerie Fire effect for targets entering the AoE

Will only take the base attribute, without item bonuses, when checking for Stun effect (Intelligence 3 or below)

Improved Invisibility
Removes the Faerie Fire effect on the target its cast upon

Remove Curse
Now also removes Sickening and Nightmare curses

Greater Restoration
Now also removes Nightmare curse

Removes the Faerie Fire effect on the target its cast upon

Balagarn's Iron Horn
Targets will use Strength OR Dexterity, whatever is highest, against the check.

Glyph of Warding
Spell has been fixed to use proper DC instead of being fixed at DC 14.

Magic Vestment
QoL update: Casting twice on your character will first apply the spell to your Armor and then Your Shield, if you have one.

Evil Blight
Has been added to Clerics (5th Circle) and Wizards/ Sorcerers (6th Circle) as a spell. This is a standard NWN spell that was cut from the game.

Is now Necromancy School

Protection from Spells
Is now Abjuration School

Mass Haste
Is now Transmutation School

Greater Stoneskin
Is now Abjuration School

Shadow Conjuration
Added for Bards at 4th Circle. Illusion school and all their subspells are Illusion.

Greater Shadow Conjuration & Shades
All their subspells are Illusion school

Animate Dead
Is now Cleric 3, Wizard/Sorcerer 4

Create Undead
Is now Cleric 6, Wizard/Sorcerer 6

Create Greater Undead
Is now Cleric 8, Wizard/Sorcerer 8

Gust of Wind
Is now Bard 2, Druid 2, Wizard/Sorcerer 2

Remove Fear
Available to Bards at 1st Circle

Druids receive all 'Zoo Spells', e.g Bull's Strength, Cat's Grace etc.

Wild Mage

-surge and -chaos commands/feats has been removed in favor of 3 new Wild Mage specific spells (More on them below).

A spell replenished (Or Greater Wild Surge) has been removed to replenish a spell from artificial means, e.g Nahal's Reckless Dweomer, but can still be replenished from a regular passive 5% Wild Surge occurence.

The -fate command still works as it used to.

On top of this a number of Wild Surges has been drastically reduced in their effectiveness. There are too many to note here but some of the main culprits are:
Combat Ready, Spell Resistance and Ghostform. I will go over more of the surges (And add new ones) in a nearby future as well as monitoring the Wild Mage class to make further changes.

Surge 55 changed to Spell Replenished (Replacing Hindsight; Will not work with Fate)

Wild Mages will receive Nahal's Reckless Dweomer, Chaos Shield and Improved Chaos Shield automatically to their spellbook.

Status Effects:

Sickened (Curse)
The character takes a -2 penalty on all attack rolls, weapon damage rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks. Can only be removed by Remove Curse or until it expires.

Nightmare (Curse)
Nightmare prevents sleep and will give -2 STR & -2 DEX. Creatures currently sleeping/resting or under the Sleep spell will wake up if they are affected by Nightmare.
Creatures immune to Sleep (E.g Elves) are not affected by Nightmare. Curse is permanent until removed by Remove Curse or Greater Restoration.

Final Note
This was a lot of work, especially updating the copy of existing spells with Arelith specific changes. I am well aware some of these will change and be tweaked as we go forward and I ask players to be patient and respectful with their feedback and I will quickly adjust things as we see fit. This is a big update so requires a lot of testing so please do your best in in providing any valueable information about the new spells and spell adjustments.

Finally none of the new spells are available in merchants as of yet but will be populated as we go in the coming days; all of the new spells can be scribed (Save the Wild Mage specific ones) so I understand this will be limited to certain players.

Thank you!