We're finally here; Neverwinter Nights EE will be officially launched on steam tomorrow and as previously announced we are intending to migrate Arelith to the Enhanced Edition immediately.

This means that all 3 servers (Surface, Cities and Planes & Distant Shores) will exist on EE exclusively, and shut down on the 1.69 version of the game. Existing players WILL NOT be able to access Arelith without first purchasing the Enchanced Edition.

Naturally this is an exciting time for us at Arelith, but also somewhat demanding. The decision to make an immediate migration was not an easy one; we essentially had to weigh up the opportunity cost of not being there from launch against the potential technical difficulties we can expect to face in first weeks. If everything runs smoothly we will migrate at some point tomorrow, the 27th of March. Any players with technical questions please refer to our forums.

We are also pleased to announce that Beamdog will be featuring Arelith during its Launch Day Livestream, which this time round will also be carried by the official D&D channel. As I understand this will be running thoughout the day.

During the stream they plan on conducting an interview with myself where they will likely ask about Arelith, and perhaps give me the opportunity to ask some questions of my own. Currently this is scheduled for 11am PT.

I hope to see many of our players online for tomorrow's events, and once again my heartfelt thanks to the Arelith staff for making this transition possible.