Unseen worlds open to characters willing to delve into the esoteric and the forbidden. New occult content has come to Arelith, and old systems have been polished and improved.

Several new summoning streams are now available, and are hidden in different parts of the gameworld. Explore distant planes and the remote expanses of the Prime Material to find them! Additionally, existing summoning streams have been rebalanced and iterated upon.

Obscure knowledge and book learning are all the more relevant as Lore now assists in the scouring of ancient libraries. Knowledgeable occultists may wish to pass on the treasured secrets of summoning streams to apprentices, which is now possible by means of craftable memory prisms.

Those willing to blaspheme death will find a host of updates related to Undead Animation and Pale Masters, including a smoother and more potent scaling for undead creation spells and improved support for caster-based Pale Master characters.

And finally, those who make Faustian pacts have more unholy power at their fingertips, as Abyssal and Infernal Pacted Warlocks gain new eldritch abilities that synergize with their conjured fiend.

Arelith is a vast world which hides many dark secrets. Are you willing to brave madness to unearth this knowledge?

Patch notes can be found here.

(Screenshot courtesy of Eters.)