The Coastal Path, as it arcs across the southeast flank of the Undrenzee in Arelith's middle Underdark complex, has received a major thematic update. The murk and the gloom of that unknowable subterranean sea suffuses the air with an eerie mist, with players passing between ancient salt-encrusted stalagmites and the ruined structures of forgotten powers as they make their way along the rocky coastline.

At the northmost head of the Coastal Path, just beyond the terminus of the Great Scar, is the Outpost. For many years hosting little more than a portal, a small tavern with an enigmatic proprietor, and a secluded prison, a small host of laborers and overseers now begins to re-found and build upon it.

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/377190685713104896/747126707013681192/CoastalPath_03.pngA distant buoy floating off the coast

The chief Overseer there, Marigorn of Andunor, is greedy even among Duergar and will gladly take the bribes (sorry, "investments") of passing Andunorians and take into consideration their own desires for the future design of the Outpost. Whether a military waystation, a satellite industrial park, a gathering grounds for occultists and archaeologists, or more, players will have the opportunity to directly influence the shape of what will come.

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/377190685713104896/747126838366699530/CoastalPath_02.pngThe entrance to the Stingers' winding lair

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