Delirium, madness; devoid of colour and of life. Our world twisted out of shape, where history lingers and shades and shadow creatures roam.

The Plane of Shadow presses up against the isle of Arelith, infecting the sleep of all who dream there. To those able to perceive them, the shadow doors allow one to enter this strange, and often disturbing, realm.

Arelithian Planeswalkers have noticed a disturbance, a shift in the cosmos. The Shadovar have stirred, a new outreach effort to draw customers to their domain. Auctions and trade to be had for those who deal in dubious goods, and unbound by strict moral standards.

Elsewhere their patron deity and her allies stir, reclaiming what was lost for their followers and dabblers in the occult. New doors open from wounds on the prime, and Wharftown re-emerges.

Looking back from the mirror of the void, what shape will players make this reflection take?

Desaturated of color, the longer one remains the less they resemble themselves.

The largest area update, thus far, for 2019

  • A new shader for areas of the shadow plane, allowing players of arelith to discover certain areas as they were meant to be. To experience this please download the Arelith Override Package (See note below)
    Two of the game's default 8186 shaders have been edited to allow Arelith to force the rendering of the game in certain areas to render without color. This, combined with Arelith scripts, ensure that this colorless gameplay only happens in Shadow Plane areas. However, due to the restrictions of how shaders are invoked, without these Arelith scripts, gameplay on other servers and single player modules may result in greyscale if the fog color for the area is black. If you intend to play single player or on another server with black fog color areas, it is recommended that you temporarily unsubscribe to this package, play Neverwinter Nights without Steam (launching the nwmain.exe in bin/win32 directly) or ignore the greyscale effect in inappropriate places.
  • A number of shadow areas overhauled to improve performance.
  • Wharftown, as it was, now reflected on the Shadow Plane. A settlement for those brave enough to make their home there.
  • Major expansion to the Shadovar Trade Post, including a fully functioning 'auction' system.
  • A number of existing shadow creatures updated, with many more added.
  • The addition of a number of new areas, and a large dungeon.

As always you can read about this update on the forums, or get further news from Arelith via the Twitter Feed.