Arelith's Shadowplane has seen the addition of ten new writs (quests) and extensive, if somewhat familar, new dungeon.

The Unsettled Graves in Shadow Cordor

This update represents the first epic level quests added to the server, covering not only the new dungeon, but any existing Shadowplane areas, such as the Witches' Cottage of the Lost Legion (Pictured), and includes 8 new or updated areas, in addition to 7 new monsters, including some entirely new creature models for Arelith.

A True Ghoul within the Shadow Crypts

Characters can obtain these quests at the 'Guild ofShadowhunters' in Wharftown, or from the Registry Agent at Castle Gloom.

The Shadowhunters Guild in Wharftown

Remember, to experience Arelith's Shadowplane in full Greyscale, this file MUST be placed in the Neverwinter Nights Override Folder! (It should also be removed when playing other NWN modules as will cause some areas to display in B/W.)

This update also includes a host of other content from Arelith developers, including changes to the subdual system, and a number of completed suggestions. For full details see the update post on our forums.