Using a number of new resouces and tilesets, the update to Greyport is the first of a number of upcoming changes to Arelith's Underdark.

- The Red Tower

The Red Tower of Greyport

A major addition to Greyport. This noble estate and guildhouse is the largest yet added to Andunor. It includes a number of interior quarters, it's own private mine, and a variety of UD Pets & Henchmen.

- Updated Interiors

The existing interiors of Greyport have received a facelift, most especially the seat of player power, the Port Authority.

- 8 New Shops

More locations for Underdark players to sell their wares in Andunor.

- New Player Temple

Using Arelith's Dynamic Player Temple system, a cleric who purchases this temple can set the deity, from the many faiths supported on the server.

- Seven New Henchmen

These NPCs will join you on your adventures. While most require a certain level & leadership score, others restricted only to those of a noble background.

Expect considerable further additions to the Underdark in the coming weeks and months, including over a dozen entirely new dungeons and associated quests. Further details, as always, can found on our forums.