Arelith returns to the waves with another far-reaching update.

With over 25 new & diverse encounter locations for player ships when 'scouring the seas'. Whether you wish to free captives from a slave galley, confront the nameless privateers sent to plunder the Arelith Archipelago by rival nations, or simply harrass innocent fishermen there are these and many more new possibilities for the budding corsair.

With the addition of Ice floes and scattered atolls to the existing land encounters a sailor or pirate can enjoy many weeks of gameplay with the guarantee of always being able to find some new when exploring the archipelago.

Living the dream of a pirate is further ennabled by players now being able to choose the pirate enclave of Sencliff as a starting location when making a new character.

Elsewhere the nascent port of Brogendenstein has evolved into a full-blown docks, with "The Ironhelm" Longship joining the Cordorian Navy in countering the ever present threat of pirates, while a second smaller vessel is now available to charter at the Cordorian Docks.

With travellers arriving on the mainland with tales of the Distant Shores, player vessels are now able to make the long voyage to discover it for themselves, but only during the summer months when the surrounding sea ice makes the journey possible.

As always a full break down of the update is available on our forums