Attention thieves, spies, diplomats, swashbucklers, ruffians and ne'er-do-wells! A Rogue update has come to Arelith, adding new features to liven up one of D&D's most iconic classes.

Players who invest heavily into Rogue levels will benefit from boons and specialized consumables custom-designed for lightly-armored fencers and cunning battlefield tricksters.

Flank and ambush your enemies with stealth-oriented bonuses! With the Distant Shores server opening up new avenues of exploration, and frequent area updates adding expansive new content, now is the perfect time to play one of the most flexible adventurer classes in D&D.

Whether landing on untouched beaches or prying into the rumored byways of the Shadow Plane, or even delving into the hidden depths of the Lowerdark, a Rogue is prepared for anything and everything.

Full details can be found here on our forums.