Far removed from the Sargauth River or the Darklake, Andunor enjoys only the most tenuous connection to the mainland Underdark by way of a single stable gyre on the Underdark's treacherous black waters. But thanks to the investment of Andunor's masses, the former Outpost site has given way to an unlikely little bastion of civilization: Saltspar.

Here, mages and thaumaturges and scientists labor behind the glass viewports of Oculus Station to reveal the secrets of the subterranean sea, and confront whatever lies upon it- or beneath it. Shipbuilders work tirelessly at its dockyards in expectation of their success, and interests outside Andunor have taken notice...

New content includes:

- 4 permanent Shops (1 old, 3 new)

- 2 temporary Shops

- 7 new UD-only only Henchmen (designed and written by Kuma)

- Banker and misc. merchants

- In-game dedication to highest investors

- Expansion of the Restful Mind

- 1 Quarter (existing quarter has been redone and is independently ownable)

- 5 Storage Vaults

- Construction of Oculus Station

- 2 Quarters

- Expansion of the Jail (now the "Prison")

- Conversion to a Guildhouse with public lobby

- Anti-teleport area

- 1 Quarter

- 1 publicly-accessible cell

- 3 private cells

- Wisp Sender (for issuing ransom demands!)

- Rename of the Hidden Cove (now 'Steelreef Cove')

- This area will receive additional development with the rest of the Undrenzee


- Total visual and geographic overhaul of the Great Scar

IMPORTANT NOTE: This update splits the former 'Outpost' property into two different bidding properties, bringing the total number of available biddable properties up to five. Neither property confers any control over the Restful Mind or Oculus Station. The two properties are as follows:

Saltspar Holdings:

This property confers control over Saltspar's Prison and its exterior shops.

Steelreef Cove:

This property confers control over Saltspar's Ferry, with access to Steelreef Cove.

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