More content for Arelith's exclusive Ship System!

- The Trackless Sea Map has been expanded with an additional CR of 32 new quadrants.

- These new Quadrants are Extreme CR and offer their own new Locations and Events including:

* New NPC Ghost Ship

* New Massive Dungeon

* 2 New Event Locations

* New Mobs

* New Diving Bell Areas (For the Deeper Depths)

* Amnian Trade Post

- Diving Bell depths capped now at 800m (Was 600m) offering even greater rewards at these levels

- Grappling now only works if the ships are on the same tile

The Trackless Sea Map has been expanded with an additional CR of 32 new quadrants.

* Additionally there's a new feature for Bombards where they can fire Chain Shots, this is a new mechanic introduced so one can slow down another ship:

* Chain Shots only deal 25% of their regular damage, but will slow another Ship's Speed upon a successful hit

* A critical hit will lower the speed even further

* You can damage but not destroy another ship with Chain Shots (Will take it down to 1 HP at best)

* The slower another ship is the more bonus you get when trying to grapple them

- Swashbucklers now gain Skill Focus: Sail at Level 12 and Epic Skill Focus: Sailing at Level 25, this is applied automatically to existing Swashbucklers.

* Added Trade Writs, these are wris a Nation Leader (Currently Cordor, Brog and Guldorand) can create with the new -writ command.

* Creating a Writ lets you set resources for a contract and a payment price your Nation will pay when completing this contract

* These Writs can then be given to players to be used for their ships by buying the resources at the Amnian Trade Post

* Ships have a fixed Cargo Size (Some more than others) and can transfer goods from a Master of Trade NPCs at the Trade Post to their ship

* They must then deliver these goods based on the writ contract to the home port at a Dockmaster NPC of where the writ was issued

A Ship Equipped with a Diving Bell and Customizable Player Sails

* Upon delivery they will be rewarded

* A ship moving cargo moves slower based on the size of their cargo

* A destroyed ship will lose all its cargo and if destroyed by a Player Ship will automatically transfer it over to them

* Grappled Ships can transfer cargo between them with the -ship command under [Cargo]

* Sencliff and Andunor sailors can trade in goods to their own respective Dockmasters for a GP reward at 90% of the Cargo Value. Basically pirating off of other Player Ships.

* Some Ships have the Cargo Trait, increasing their capacity.

* The Dockmasters now also has a Store for ease of access selling goods in major ports and offering some basic ship supplies.

* Land Encounters are now no longer restricted / locked when a Ship engages them, anyone can enter the same Land Event now.

* Henchmen are now displayed when using a Spyglass on another Vessel

* The Trackless Sea Map is now using NUI so no more swapping areas. Console users will still use the old way.

* New Ship Models added along with 117 new Ship Related Placeables created by FallenDabus

* Added a new Player Ship for Sencliff

* You can now fire Warning Shots against other Player Ships, these do no damage but will set both Ships in a combat state and prompt a warning message.

* Ships without a Grapple Cannon can now engage NPC Vessels as well

You can read all about the Sailing and Ship System on our wiki.

Thanks and Merry Christmas!